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The mystery of the oldest building.


The oldest, officially recognized, cult building is in Europe. The name of this unique in its way sights is Newgrange. This mysterious place is located 40 kilometers from Dublin. It combines three components. In ancient times there was a cult place, an observatory and a tomb at the same time. Today this place has become so popular that every year it is visited by about 250 thousand people.

This structure has given scientists two tasks that they can not find answers to. First, it is unclear with the help of what technologies it is built. Secondly, scientists can not explain how ancient astronomers were able to calculate the course of our luminaries with maximum accuracy. According to the carbon analysis, Newgrange appeared on our planet, in 3 000 BC! Now Newgrange is over 5,000 years old, and it attracts a huge number of people.

To understand how ancient the Newgrange is, let's compare it with other mysterious structures. So the age of the most ancient Egyptian pyramid is estimated at 4,500 years. And English Stonehenge is younger than more than 1,000 years. By the way, there is much in common between Newgrange and Stonehenge. But this will be discussed below.

Newgrange - the history of the discovery of a mysterious structure.

If you follow the chronology of events, then originally Newgrange was a place of worship of the gods. This idea confirms the absence of a number of remains of any housing. It says that they came to Newgrange to worship, they did not live near him.

The history of the discovery of the cult place in Ireland begins in 1688. In those days, these lands owned by Charles Campbell. His workers were engaged in cultivating the land and were looking for stones in those places. During the search for building material, one of the workers found a stone cave. After her examination, it turned out that this is an artificial structure with a long corridor. The owner was informed about this discovery. Charles Campbell personally arrived at Newgrange. But as a man far from science, he reported finding his friend Edward Luid. The latter was considered an antiquarian, historian and philosopher. Lund quickly realized the significance of this discovery and informed scientists about it. He said that he is the pioneer of the prehistoric tomb, in which there are surely treasures of untold wealth.

Newgrange - unanswered questions.

But no riches were found in Newgrange. But the archaeologists have aroused great interest in the stone slabs of the structure. The fact is that they were located as well as in the territory of Stonehenge. But because of the lack at that time of modern instruments, it was not possible to find out anything more.

Modern research began in 1962 year. Managed the work of Michael J. O'Kelly. As a result of the work carried out, it was possible to establish that Newgrange is 13.5 meters high and its diameter is 85 meters. The corridor inside the ancient grave has a length of 19 meters. It is this corridor that leads to the funerary chamber.

The burial chamber of Newgrange is a very real phenomenon. It contains blocks weighing 20 to 40 tons. How 5,000 years ago they were delivered and installed ?. It is also interesting that these huge stone blocks almost completely resemble the shape of Stonehenge. The only difference is that Newgrange is covered with a roof. By the way, after the discovery of Newgrange, it appeared that Stonehenge was also originally with a roof. But the evidence in favor of this version has not yet been found. The roof of Newgrange consists for the most part of the embankment. The technology of building this roof is still surprising. The fact is that she does not pass water. And after all to her 5000 years. All the stones of the mound are connected together without a solution. They just fit tightly to each other. And the molecules of water are much larger than the cracks between the stones.

After the excavation, the external wall of the structure was fortified with the help of quartzite. According to scientists this should prevent the destruction of the monument. True, such a wall today looks like a foreign body on the green background of the sights.

At the end of the corridor is a burial chamber or place of worship. Scientists have not yet decided on the appointment of the premises. It contains a ritual bowl. Above it is a hexagonal dome. The height of this dome is 6 meters! In the walls of this room are cut openings. They are decorated with patterns of characters that have not yet been deciphered. Interest is warmed by the fact that exactly the same patterns occur in the Maya pyramids.

The tunnel that leads to the camera is directed to the southeast. It is in that place, on the day of the winter solstice, that the sun appears from behind the horizon. Above the entrance to the corridor is a small window through which light enters the main room of Newgrange. A bright light in the room with a ritual bowl can be observed about 17 minutes. Some say that the one who touched this light becomes purer and receives tremendous power. So it or not, can only say those who visited the burial chamber on the day of the winter solstice.

In addition to the mentioned, the area where Newgrange is located is connected with numerous legends and myths. Even in ancient documents it is noted that in this area strange huge luminous spheres were fixed. The Irish believe that the territory of Newgrange is constantly visited by fairies. In many tourist avenues, the Irish mound is also called the "fairy hill". There are suggestions that the ancient structure was built with the help of representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. To explain how this very accurate observatory was created 5,000 years ago is even more difficult than the Egyptian pyramids.

There is even a legend that some gods (UFO researchers call them aliens) entered the war with mankind and suffered defeat in it. One god decided not to interrupt the connection to the ground. He built barrows, each of which can be moved to another world. In what world remains a mystery. Although perhaps it is encrypted in the symbols that adorn Newgrange.

Newgrange - information for tourists.

Any tourist who came to Dublin must visit the legendary Newgrange. However, it will not work to observe the bright light in the cell of the ancient burial ground. And all because there are a lot of interested people. Because of this, a lottery is held. According to her results, 50 people get the right to meet the sun inside Newgrange on December 21.

In 1993 the Irish mound was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is recorded on this list as the oldest, largest and most significant monument of the history of mankind in Europe!

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