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The secret of the island is Es Vedra. Spain.

Остров Эс Ведра.

Es Vedra (Es Vedrà) is recognized as the most mysterious and mystical island of the Balearic archipelago. The uninhabited island is like a dragon. And its long, impressive tail is a frozen lava. The island is almost always enveloped in a mysterious silvery-transparent haze. And there are several interesting legends connected with it.

Legends of the island.

So, according to one of them, on this island the Carthaginian commander Hannibal was born. The legend is controversial, because other sources claim that Hannibal was born in Carthage. Perhaps the legend means that Hannibal discovered the gift of the commander after visiting this island? This is entirely permissible. From history it is known that at that time the Balearic Islands belonged to Carthage. So Hannibal could land on the shore of Es Vedra.

Another legend claims that the island is the tip of the sunken Atlantis. Maybe it's true. The reverse has not yet been proved by anyone. And there is a legend that it was on this island that Odysseus listened to "the singing of miraculously naughty sirens". The sirens are mythical female creatures, who lured the sailors with their singing, and then destroyed them. This fact is also difficult to prove today. But to disagree with him, one must also have proof.

The case with Odysseus was described in his poem by the ancient Greek narrator Homer. In particular, the words of Queen Circe were quoted there. In them, she warned Odysseus about the hymns of insidious sirens who live on an island, which a ship must sail past.

As we know from the poem, it all ended well for Odysseus and his team. The crew pricked their ears, and Odysseus was tied to the mast of the ship.

Here such an interesting legend connected the island of Es Vedra with the wanderings of Odysseus - the king of Ithaca. Why not believe that just past the island of Es Vedra, many centuries ago swam the ship of Odysseus. Meanwhile, the island is surrounded by a halo of mystical stories and now. It is believed that on it there are many supernatural unexplained phenomena.

Rare guests of the island said that they met there with unearthly beings and observed near the island luminous objects. The latter appeared from the sea and disappeared there. All locals know a terrible story about a priest who hung a virgin Mary on a rock island. There are still a lot of stories about the hippies who in the last century left for tens to the island and disappeared there irrevocably. And on the island for no reason comes out of the electronics storehouse, and the compass shows different directions. And all these phenomena are inexplicable until now.

As a result, the island was found to be unguarded for finding a person on it. Today his visit is prohibited. And that everything looked beautiful, the island was declared a nature reserve. Today he is allowed to swim, but can not be landed on him. The truth is rumored that local residents violate this prohibition and carry brave men on boats for a lot of money.

Es Vedra at all times was a wild and uninhabited island. Only a few birds nest there. However, the very appearance of the island does not inspire any desire to stop there for the night. His resemblance to the dragon adds mystery and puts pressure on the imagination.

A source of powerful geomagnetic radiation.

There is another interesting fact that is connected with the island. The fact is that the level of geomagnetic force in this place is second only to the North Pole and the Bermuda Triangle. Such phenomena modern science can not explain. It is known only that the island has a completely volcanic origin. In addition, no metals were found on it.

The strength of the energy effect of Es Vedra Island on a person is very strong. All sorts of psychics who have visited the island, say that they feel a strong energy recovery in this place.

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