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The secret of the forest is Hoya-Bachu. Transylvania. Romania.

Лес Хоя-Бачу.

Transylvania and devilry is somewhere near. Only here you can most likely experience a rush of adrenaline, walking under the moon. A bunch of fragrant wild garlic, here will be the best night charm. A significant role in this representation of this place played Brem Stocker. It was he who wrote the book "Dracula" in which the protagonist worked his evil deeds just in Transylvania.

Paranormal place.

But if you understand the situation, the ancient vampire Stoker settled here by accident. In these places, there are often paranormal phenomena. But even among the many terrible places here stands one: the forest of Khoya-Bachu. It is believed that here the density of evil forces is just off scale. Here hundreds of people saw flying saucers. And from the forest thickets often hear children's and women's laughter, from which the blood runs cold. And the photos taken in this place are full of mysterious ghost silhouettes.

This old forest is located near the town of Cluj-Napoca. But he does not use popularity among the local population. Moreover, it is impossible to force one of them to visit this place. The glory of the forest of Hoya-Bachu is comparable to the worst ideas about the Bermuda Triangle. And partly this is true.

The old forest got its name in honor of the shepherd who sheep grazed in it. Once, in the fog, the shepherd brought a sheep flock of two hundred heads, to the edge of the forest. Since then neither he nor the sheep have been seen. The search also gave nothing. There were no remains, no bones, no traces. They were just there, and disappeared, leaving behind only a gray haze of fog.

On this story the loss of people in this place did not end. So, relatively recently, two lovers went to the forest to check legends, in which they did not believe. As a result, their love is over. The girl returned in the morning in a state of shock. And maybe she is still on the cure. But the guy was gone. And as always there were no traces in this place. But the story received a stormy continuation on the pages of local newspapers.

A platform for UFOs.

Another interesting incident occurred on August 18, 1968. On this day the military technician Emil Barnet went with his wife and friends to rest on nature. As a place to rest, they chose the forest of Hoya-Bachu. At 13:00, when Emil went to look for firewood for a fire, his friends suddenly called him. At that moment in the sky he saw an unidentified flying object in the form of a circle. The latter flew slowly and noiselessly through the sky. Suddenly, the object began to glow and quickly disappear into the depths of the sky. Emil managed to make 3 photos. Until now, these UFO images are considered the clearest of all made in Europe.

All three photos were thoroughly examined and were recognized as real. True, local superstitious people do not really believe in aliens. They believe that the forest is cursed, and Belial himself lives in it. Under this name is hidden the ancient Eastern European demon of destruction, fear and debauchery.

Swift's research.

Only one person was allowed to study himself. He became a biologist, whose name is Alexander Swift. He spent more than ten years in this amazing foggy forest, studying the vegetation and animals that live here. He also periodically experienced fear, panic, heard strange sounds, rustles, voices where there simply could not be. But he could not leave. According to his confession, he had a feeling that he felt like someone was holding something in this forest.

Often he saw a strange greenish-blue glow in the depths of the forest thicket. And the flowing green mist crawled to him more than once, like a snake. But physical harm did not bring any of this to him. Maybe his scientific approach to the disclosure of the mystery of this place influenced it. Or maybe something else. But neither ghosts nor aliens did not touch him. The most interesting happened during the development of photographs. It turned out that all up to one film contain strange and amazing silhouettes, which the scientist did not notice during the shooting. Unfortunately, all the photographs were seized by Romanian special services.

Extreme here is not the place.

Despite the fact that the entire forest is considered anomalous, the worst place is considered to be a vacant lot in its center. It has the shape of a circle and in this place there is not a single blade of grass growing. Opinions on this place diverge. Someone thinks that they spend their coven here. Someone suggests that this place is a portal to other worlds. Why not? Each version has the right to life until it is refuted.

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