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Variants of independent tourism.

Traveling by the company, it is quite possible to make a voyage around Europe by car. In this there is nothing frightening, as it seems at first glance. The car should be economical, in good condition, with mandatory normal CO exhaust. The latter is important especially for diesel cars. A driver with at least 3 years experience must have the rights and insurance. The ideal option in this case will be traveling with fellow travelers. Three or four people will save excellent, throwing themselves on fuel and other needs. In this situation, you can visit many European countries with less. This is the most rational and popular way of traveling. Although many skeptics will say about unforeseen breakdowns and possible accidents. But self-confidence will help any trouble on the road to wrap yourself up for good. After all, any unexpected breakdown will make your life more interesting. It is this attitude to unplanned circumstances that distinguishes independent tourists from the rest. In general, traveling on two cars will certainly be more reliable. Especially it concerns those countries that have become Western Europe more recently. There is still not very good quality of roads and service for caravans.

In addition to individual transport, there is also a public one. In this case we are talking about trains, buses, bicycles and, finally, hitchhiking. There are many alternatives. Remember only that you must book in advance and purchase tickets online. Therefore, once you have decided on the date of your vacation, it makes sense to do booking tickets. On the site of eurolines you can pick up a suitable bus flight. The site works in six languages and offers the most inexpensive tickets.


Where to sleep.

The third point in the planning of the journey will be the search for housing. This is no less important, and often the paramount task of an independent tourist. When traveling together to cope with the task of finding housing will be easier. Firstly, booking an apartment in advance is more likely to get a decent discount. If you live in a hostel or hotel several people from the same company, the payment may decrease. Do not forget about couchsurfing. All the coaches are waiting for the Internet portal . You can also search for accommodation at. It has a very large selection of inexpensive and expensive housing in 190 countries. Here you can find rooms from private homeowners or rent entire houses from commercial firms. The site offers more economical accommodation - the so-called hostels. It is on this site that most independent travelers find suitable accommodation for themselves.

Hostel (hostel) is a European type of accommodation or accommodation of guests for a short and long term. Under the housing in this case means a berth without additional amenities and services. Homeland hostels is Germany (the beginning of the last century). The hostel is a room with rooms in which several people live simultaneously. Bathroom (and often shower), bathroom and kitchen in hostels are shared. Quite often a single room is rented by one company. It is very convenient for those who travel light. They stop not only young people, sports teams, pilgrims. In hostels you can meet wealthy people who are interested in the feeling of living in such conditions. Almost all hostels have safes. Hostels are good because you can book a place in advance, and at the same time it does not matter if you stay there one day or two weeks.


Entertainment, leisure.

Cultural entertainment can decorate any vacation. In European countries there are many museums, botanical gardens, zoos and amusement parks. You can get there for a small fee or without it. Of course, we can not do without the help of the Internet. If we talk about the rating of the most popular European amusement parks, it looks like this.

German Europa Park is rightly recognized as one of the most popular and unique places of the earth. Location: Germany, Rust, near Baden-Baden and Strasbourg. In the park are miniatures of twelve European zones. Here you can see the whole of Europe, in a reduced form. The cost of entering the park ranges from 30 to 35 euros per day, with all discounts taken into account. If you like extreme sports, visit the Silver Star Roller Coaster. The height of the "hilarious" slides is 73 meters, and the speed is 27 km / h. The cost of the entrance ticket must be specified on the day of arrival. But in any case it will be in the range of 30-35 euros.

In Spain, on the Costa Dorada, the PortAventura park awaits its visitors. In size, it ranks second after Disneyland in Paris. Here you can buy souvenirs, eat great and visit a variety of shows. You can get to him from Barcelona by train. The stop is called PortAventura. At any time of the year, trains run to the park very often. The ticket traditionally costs about 30-35 euros. True, there are discounts for children and pensioners. Given the cold season, the park opens on March 18, and closes in early November.

Italy. The most popular area for lovers of park entertainment is Rimini. The Mirabilandia Park is more like a miniature town show. Here and attractions, and show stuntmen, and restaurants, and shops, and a cinema ... The only difficulty is to get to the park from central Italy. But if you are resting in Rimini itself, then nothing is easier: bus and rail travel often. By the way, the bus route to the park is absolutely free. Entrance ticket - from 30 euros. There are amusement parks in Rome, Venice and Milan. You can learn about them through special services.

In the English county of Staffordshire, you can visit the most famous amusement park in Great Britain - Drayton Manor Theme Park. In addition to attractions, the park has a zoo, a cinema and much more. The roller coaster, in which passengers do not sit, but stand, became a symbol of the park. All because it will be difficult to find the same attraction. You can reach the park by bus from Birmingham, having booked a ticket in advance. The cost of admission adult ticket is within 25-30 pounds sterling.

If you are in Denmark, then the main entertainment city will be Copenhagen. It is here that the modern park Bakken is located. He is known for his crazy rides and infrastructure. Once this place was known for its healing springs. Today the park has preserved all the best from the past and combined them with modern leisure activities. In July, the park hosts the annual Santa Claus meeting. Park Bakken works from March to September. The cost is from 30 euros.

Well, of course, France. Local Disneyland will cost about 100 euros per person. But this is in case of a full visit to the park. This is certainly not cheap, but the fairy-tale world of Disney is worth it. Also in France you can visit the Futuroscope Park. Here is presented a real city of the future with a laser show, multimedia projections. It is located about 350 km from Paris. A fast train will take you there quickly, tickets are also better to book in advance. The cost of admission to the park is from 35 euros.


Discounts in Europe.

Before you go on the road you need to know the maximum information about the discount systems in Europe. The easiest way is to enjoy benefits to students. The easiest way for students to register an international student is ISIC. This is a real gift for traveling youth. Practically in all European countries on it discounts from 10 to 50% are given. On the website you can find out the necessary maximum information about international student tickets.

Let's start with Austria. If you are faced with the task of choosing transport, then give preference to buses. Moving to them around the country is much cheaper than on the train. Especially since young people with ISIC on their hands will be offered excellent discounts. More than 100 hostels have been built on the territory of the country. The competition is made up by a fairly accessible private sector. From July to September in Austria you can find special programs for accommodation of students in campsites. Meals in Vienna and other cities of the country can also be available in student restaurants. Discounts on international student tickets to concert halls and museums can reach up to 67%

We are moving to Belgium. This country provides much more discounts and shares. Loukosts are not uncommon here. Booking tickets in advance is also not difficult. On land transport, at different times of the year, there are systems of discounts for travel. Housing is best to find before coming to the country. The cheapest will be roadside hotels, hostels and campgrounds.

But Bulgaria does not so generously endow tourists with discounts. Orbita YTC tickets can be sold at a 50% discount. Find other options possible, but very problematic. Bus transport is ready to provide you with only 10% discounts. The cheapest accommodation is really found in mountainous areas, as well as small towns.

Conservative Great Britain will present discounts for young people (up to age 26) on railway tickets. However, you need to present a Railcard for this. The same policy applies to bus tickets. Hostels can get discounts for ISIC owners. As for visiting museums and parks, discounts can go up to 50%.

In Hungary, discounts on international flights are practiced constantly. Especially often they are provided by Express. Discounts cover both rail and air tickets. The group of tourists who fall under discounts can include both students and pensioners. Good discounts are given to a group of four or more people. Hostels are ready to accept tourists with a 10% discount. In addition, up to 50% discount was paid to the museums and exhibition halls of the country in the presence of ISIC.

The biggest discounts are provided in Germany. There are many companies providing discounts for flights, relocations and railroad movements. Early booking can save up to 70% on tickets. There are also many inexpensive and pretty decent hostels and campsites in the country. There are discounts for entrance tickets to zoos, museums, theaters and other entertainment centers.

Rest in Greece has recently become very accessible due to the falling prices in the tourism industry. Choosing a flight to this country, give preference to private companies, among which there are many loukostov. But the state airlines will tangibly hit your wallet. It is better to stay overnight in private houses and cheap hotels. Discounts are presented at the early booking stage.

Very friendly towards the youth Holland. Here you will find discounts for air travel, accommodation and cruises through the channels. Of the housing is most advantageous to stay in youth hostels, hotels of the AMS group and hostels. At discounts you can visit museums.

In Denmark, air travel with discounts are available only on weekdays. Discounts are provided to young people under 26 years old, as well as with international and European student tickets. As for transport, buses are much cheaper than trains. Carefully study the cost of train tickets inside the country. Prices for them depend on the distance, time of day and season. It should be noted that in Denmark very comfortable hostels. Moreover, private residents rent rooms at an affordable price. Some hostels offer free nights in August. You can learn about this in advance. In the same way as about discounts in museums, planetariums, parks and other interesting places.

But in Ireland everything is simple. If there is a European student ID card, or ISIC, discounts will be added to the head. You can buy half-price tickets for bus and rail flights from the company Travel save Stamp. Also discounts will be available when using public transport. But IYHA hostels and campuses are accessible to everyone, and students can get a discount. Cinemas, clubs, shops - also discounts up to 10%.

Spain expands the system of discounts for all categories of citizens. This program is carried out thanks to loukosts, companies selling cheap railway tickets: TIVE and UNLIMITED. Practice is also free entry to some museums in the country. There is a possibility of free sightseeing, which is enough in Spain. You can also get free medical help from students of medical faculties of universities in the country. . There are seasonal discounts for accommodation in hostels and hotels.

Italy will be pleased with discounts for air travel, reaching up to 70%. Naturally, they should be looked for in the schedule of the loukostes. But railway tickets become cheaper in the evening and with the offensive of the weekend. In Italy there are a lot of hostels with low cost of living. Discounts for all categories extend to museums, clubs, theaters and more. Carefully study the price list of Italian discounts for today.

Norway is more democratic towards youth and increases it to 32 years. You can get a discount for this category of people at Kilroy. But the bus routes are unlikely to be accessible to tourists with a limited budget. If you book in advance, you will be able to save on rail flights. With regard to housing, the most profitable will be campsites and hostels. However, pre-booking will save a decent amount of your money. Norway is probably the most expensive European country. Therefore, it's not easy to relax here.

In Sweden, really get discounts if booking is done in advance. This applies to both movement and residence, even in hostels. There are several companies that offer students discounts on air travel: SAS, Transwede, Malmo Aviation .

Finland is ready to offer a very flexible system of discounts. There are enough company-loukosts in the country that offer decent discounts to students (age up to 23 years). Early booking will help you save on railway tickets and bus services. Hostels in Finland are considered very cheap housing.

France loves independent tourists. However, in order to receive discounts, you should take care of flights and accommodation in advance. Coaching for France is as relevant as ever. Inside the country, it is best to travel by bus. But railway tickets have seasonal discounts. Also, there may be discounts depending on the distance and time of the trip. In France you can get a discount on car rental. But even in this case it will not become a cheap pleasure. Owners of ISIC have the opportunity from June to the end of September to live in school centers for a few euros. There are also seasonal discounts for camping.

Poland is known for its cheap air travel. Company-loukosty willingly offer their services. Discounts for railway routes and domestic bus tickets are available upon prior reservation. Discounts from 10 to 50% are provided for ISIC owners to visit museums, bars and other cultural and entertainment places.

For the same ISIC system in Portugal, it's realistic to travel with significant discounts on trains. In the absence of ISIC, early booking and late flights will save you. But accommodation in hostels will become cheaper only if the reservation is made.

The Czech Republic offers a wide choice of flights. Pre-booking, especially in cheap airlines (loukosts), will save you an impressive amount of money. Inside the country, it is most convenient to travel by bus. For living choose private hotels that are similar to hostels or boarding houses.

Lowcosts. Flights for independent tourists are not the cheapest option. But early booking and tickets for low-cost companies are very real ways to save the tourist budget. Lowcosts, or discounters, are budget airlines that offer flights at extremely low cost. In this case, the passenger is not provided with traditional passenger services.

Find the number of your seat on the tickets of such companies does not make sense. Whoever did, he was there! The best place will be the encouragement of your lightness. And early booking is encouraged by more significant discounts. You can book a flight ticket online. This allows airlines to avoid commission fees and get rid of obsessive agents.


European camping.

The best campsites in Europe, the price is 10 euros and above.

Areti in Chalkidiki, Greece. It is located 12 km from the village of Neos Marmaras. An excellent choice for lovers of water sports. There are competitions in surfing. There are two beaches on the campsite. The camping is open from May 1 to October 10.

Cala Llevado in Tossa de Mar, Spain. Very nice view of the bay on the Costa Brava. On the territory there are four small beaches. Nearby are the following attractions: the Picasso and Miró museums in Barcelona, Dali in Figueres, the Girona cathedral, the area around the volcano Olot and others. Recently, this camping takes the first place in the ranking of the best campsites in Europe.

La Fresneda, Spain. A very popular and massive camping site, which is located near the border with Catalonia. Here, tourists go on foot, ride bicycles and go horseback riding

Le Castel Brevdan, France. The land of Normandy affably offered to build here a refuge for wandering tourists. Very close to the old palace of the XV century. On the campsite there is a large lake and a swimming pool. Open from 24 March to 13 November. He is rich in entertainment: fishing, biking and golf. As for the equipment, you can rent a tent here, as well as relax with your sleeping bags and tents. It is considered the best camping for lovers.

Root, Kobarid, Slovenia. It is built on the bank of the Soča River, a short walk from the town of Kobarid. Very cozy place. There is an opportunity to practice rock climbing, canoeing and kayaking.

Vald'Or, Ensherange, Luxembourg. A very beautiful place in the center of the Ardennes with its own private beach. An ideal place to relax with children. This camping has been recognized as one of the best for family holidays in Europe. You can rent a tent on site.

Zeeperle, Germany. This camping is a favorite place for German holidaymakers. Free beach, tennis, mini-golf, marina and boats near the island of Mainau. The combination of nature and the achievements of civilization is found here at every step.


Walking routes.

Several European hiking routes have been laid across Europe. A direct relation to this fact is the European Association of Walking.

Route E1: passes from the north of Europe to the south, from Sweden to Italy, through Germany, Denmark and Switzerland.

Route E2: passes west of the previous one. It begins in the UK. Then the way goes through the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France. It ends at the French coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Route E3: begins on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. Passes through Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Andorra and Spain.

Route E4: runs from west to east. This route is recognized as the most popular and most interesting. It runs along the Mediterranean coast of Spain and France. Then it passes through the Alps of Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Further through Hungary and Romania you can get to the mountains of Bulgaria. From Bulgaria you can go to Greece to the island of Crete. However, instead of Crete, you can finish the route in Cyprus.

Route E5: useful if you are on the Atlantic coast of France. It can be reached on the north of the Italian Adriatic (Venice region).

Route E6 begins in Finland, passes through Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Slovenia. Further, after the ferry crossing, continues along the northern border of Greece.

Route E9 is often called coastal. It runs along the coast of Portugal (from the south to the north), the Bay of Biscay, Spain, the Atlantic coast of France, Belgium and the Netherlands. There is a separate site in the UK (along the English Channel). Further it is laid along the German, Polish and Estonian coasts to the border with Russia.

Walking routes are the perfect base for any trip. It is only necessary to carefully study the route segment you are interested in and the details of its passage.


10 European bike routes from the European Federation of Cyclists.

A cycling trail around Lake Balaton, Hungary.

The most famous bike path leads around the largest lake in Hungary. The freshwater lake of Balaton is located about 80 km from Budapest. The cycle path around Lake Balaton is the newest in this part of Europe and its length is 200 km. Experienced cyclists easily overcome this route in 2-3 days. The southern part is dominated by flat areas, and in the north you are waiting for the hills. The path goes along old vineyards that stretch through the hills and small towns. On the way you can stop for a swim in the bright green waters of Lake Balaton.

Bicycle route Luchon in Bajony, France.

The traditional Tour de France route leading to the Pyrenees is the right choice for experienced cyclists. The route passes from the mountain resort of Luchon along four transitions: Peyresourde, Aspin, Tourmalet and Aubisque. The Col du Tourmalet is one of the most famous in the Tour de France. When planning a trip, it is better to divide the route into short spaces.

Bike path in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

One of the most bicycle and clean capitals of the world offers a four-hour cycle route. It starts at the former Heineken brewery in Stadhouders Kade 78 and ends near the City Hall and the Opera House. The route passes through urban and rural areas, along canals, dams and windmills. The roads are narrow, but very comfortable, with little movement.

The bike route from Land's End to John O'Groats (LEJOG), Great Britain.

The route passes between the most extreme points of Great Britain and is popular among the British themselves. Riding a bike across the country is a daunting task, which takes place every year thousands of people. The distance from Land's End in the south-west and to John O'Groats in the Scottish province in the north of the country is 907 km in a straight line. The shortest land route (about 1400 km) can be crossed by bicycle. The move affects different places (eg St Ives, Dartmoor, Bath, Chester, Lake District, Loch Ness, Chap, Ludlow, Cairngorms). Cyclists usually overcome this route in two weeks. This is not an easy walk. This route must be prepared in advance.

Flemish cycling route, Belgium.

Flanders is an ideal place for cyclists. It is also suitable for families with children. The popular Vlaanderen Fietsroute leads along a quiet rural road and trails. Trail Route du Comte Jean, a length of 220 km from Bruges is laid to the north of France.

A cycling route along the Route des Grand Crus in Burgundy, France.

The route is divided into several sections crossing the Burgundian vineyards. Route des Grand Crus goes from Dijon to Nuits-St-Georges and Beaune to Santenay. About 800 km of bicycle trails are laid here. Along the way, you can stop in small towns and try local cheeses and wines. Here you need to visit the medieval town of Beaune (Beaune), which was once a major center of wine trade.

Велосипедный маршрут из графства Клэр и Аран, Ирландия.

In Clare County, on the west coast of Ireland, is the Burren National Park. The area with a unique karst landscape is a national park. On the western edge of the plateau, the route leads to the rocks. They are located on the Atlantic coast. Cliff at the highest point reaches 214 m above sea level. From the ports of Doolin and Rossville, you can take the ferry to the Aran Islands. In the harbor on the island of Inishmore you can rent a bicycle. There is no public transport, so the bike is the best way to explore this area. You can reach the tiny beaches and see the prehistoric stone fort of Dún Aengus on the edge of the cliff.

Bike path along the Scandinavian fjords and mountains, Norway.

A bike path along the fjords in Norway can be combined with visiting medieval churches in Urnes. The road begins 72 miles north of Bergen and extends 203 km into the interior of the country. It goes to the Feigefossen waterfall with a height of 281 yards. The wild and rocky landscape of the Scandinavian mountains is an easy path even for experienced cyclists. Physical loads during the steep ascent will be rewarded with views of the mountains, lakes and fjords.

Велодорожка в Luberon и Mont Ventoux, Прованс, Франция.

The Luberon mountain range is located in the south of France. There is a natural park known for its beautiful scenery. One of its main beauties are lavender fields. They blossom from the beginning of July to the middle of August. In this place you can find ancient Roman ruins and beautiful Provencal villages of ocher color. There is a very difficult site with an ascent to the top of Mont Ventoux (1912 m). Its length is 20 km, and the difference in altitude is 1300 meters. It is often part of the Tour de France stage.

Cycling route on Isle of Wight, UK.

The island is a real paradise for cyclists. It is known for its beautiful scenery, and has good infrastructure for cycling. The total length of roads on the island is 320 km. Numerous fossils of the dinosaur have been found in these places. On the island you can get on a passenger ferry from Portsmouth. Bicycle transportation is included in the ticket price.